Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Matt's Ratings

Ever since we saw Unstoppable, I realized I'm crap at rating movies. Way too generous. My ratings don't mean a gd thing. They ride specifically on whatever feelings I'm having at that moment. And those are usually: Yaaayyy! I just saw a movie! I can't be trusted.

So I asked Matt to break it down for me. This is what I got:

"A: Best movie of that year or years. I believe it should win or at least be nominated for an Oscar.

B: Above average movie. It's accomplished what it set out to AND did more. Ex. a comedy made me laugh AND had good drama or is well written. A scary movie scared me AND had me care for the characters.

C: It did what it was suppose to and nothing more. Ex. A scary movie is scary but otherwise isnt a great film. aka. no acting writing directing. Comedy's that might make me laugh but dont do so on a frequent enough level often get a "C".

D: Bad movie. Like an "A" its a rare rating. A movie virtually has to fail all attempts to do 90% of what it set out to

F: A poorly made and generally bad movie. The production value is low (most indie films) AND the story, writing, acting are all tremendously awful. Its virtually an unwatchable movie. I think I've seen maybe 8 in my lifetime so far. Ex. Alien 51 (look it up, there's a good reason you've never heard of it)"

So, I suppose that leaves the +/- grades for movies that fall either just above or below the chosen letter grade. I hope that one day in my travels, I find an F-.

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